Greenpeace – Wasteminster

Wasteminster is a uniquely original depiction of what would happen if the plastic waste the UK exports each day was instead dumped on Downing Street. […]

TRUCKISTAN — ٹرکستان

Ever heard of Truckistan? Hop-on with Pakistani truck drivers to discover this imaginary country in their thrilling and vivid playground! Filmed in October 2019 in […]


Dude loses last two digits of girl’s number. Tries every combo to find her. It’s funny. Want more? Try this— vimeo.com/AlexanderEngel/BeardtownUSA www.AlexanderEngel.com www.twitter.com/JackieJackFace

TICKY TACKY (starring Oscar Isaac)

A wealthy and powerful man is betrayed by those closest to him, and under the guidance of his trusted confidant, devises a fiery requital. With […]

Miike Snow – Heart is Full

“Mad Max Meets Britney Spears’ ‘Toxic’” – TIME MAGAZINE 2015 http://time.com/4110079/miike-snow-heart-is-full-video/ Making of interview I did with Entertainment Weekly: http://www.ew.com/article/2015/11/12/lance-drake-miike-snow-heart-is-full Starring Braina Laviena and Akemi […]

Rejjie Snow – Blakkst Skn (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

http://www.hungertv.com/feature/rejig-snow-blkkst-skn/ Director: Ian Pons Jewell Producer: Dobi Manolova Prod Co: FRIEND DOP: Ben Fordesman 1st Assistant Director: Daniel Gibling Runner: Sam Leswi Runner: Savannah Setten […]

Ontem (Yesterday)

Ontem (Yesterday) A journey through introspection. Concept and animation by FalcaoLucas and music by Turvos. FalcaoLucas and Turvos are Tânia Falcão and Avelar Lucas. Check […]

“Fear Nothing” | Selah Sue

“Fear Nothing” by Selah Sue. From the album Reason, courtesy of Because Music, 2015 concept & direction: Isaac Ravishankara characters: Sanne Putseys, Ellis Bahl, The […]

FOXTROTT – Shaky Hands [Official Music Video]

Behind the Scenes: https://vimeo.com/148870799 A Taller Us, Foxtrott’s debut album is a musical interpretation of life’s monolithic challenges. Together we elaborated on that metaphor for […]

Nicolas Godin – Bach Off (Live)

VOTD Winner: https://votd.tv/winners/1354/nicolas-godin-bach-off/ Shot live at Orly Ouest airport, Terminal 3, in november 2015 A film by Colin Solal Cardo Réalisation Son : François Clos […]

Aurland in Summer (Flåm, Undredal, Nærøyfjord) – Norway 4K p.2

Video shot by Gianluca Trupiano during a brief stay in Undredal (Norway) in July 2019. Music: Blue Planets by All Good Folks, licensed via Music […]

Elements of Iceland

Iceland is hands down one of my favourite countries to explore and capture. Having visited a few years ago and already made a traditional travel […]