Pretty Messed Up #3 | Heading Towards Certain Death

In his documentaries, German filmmaker Werner Herzog has made poetic pessimism his trademark. His voice overs seem to bask in the bleakness of their own […]

Life with Herman H. Rott / Elu Herman H. Rott’iga

Herman is a rat who lives alone in a messy apartment. One day a very tidy cat shows up at his doorstep. With everything she […]

Y OUR MUSIC trailer

Y/OUR MUSIC immerses itself in the world of Thai music, from traditional music to labor songs and classical pop to urban indie music, spanning different […]

Dirty Projectors – Cool Your Heart feat. D∆WN

Music video for Dirty Projectors, featuring D∆WN Directed by Noel Paul & Stefan Moore Executive Producer: Danielle Hinde Executive Producer: Jason Cole Production Company: Doomsday […]

The Future of Music

Enter the world of Carré Bleu, an artist and composer who is shaping the music of tomorrow by creating gravity and time defying human instruments. […]

Less Than Human

In the aftermath of a zombie outbreak, zombies are cured and exiled to secluded camps. There has been talk about rehabilitating post-zombies back into society. […]


Prepare your synapses for a series of strange shorts.

Lemon Twigs – I Wanna Prove To You

***Winner of Best Rock Video – Newcomer at the UKMVAs.**** I took the Lemon Twigs to meet my grandparents. Things went south. Director: Nick Roney […]

An Exit

The video is composed of +6000 images hand-drawn one by one, than elaborated with glitch and mixed techniques. It’s a project about the constrictive role […]


Directed by Mehdi Alavi Produced by Pilule & Pigeon Thanks to Adrien Soleiman for letting us illustrate this beautiful song https://www.facebook.com/adriensoleiman www.adriensoleiman.com Credits: Layout and […]

La Jeunesse Éternelle de Jules Lepecheux

We’ve crossed paths with Jules Lepecheux a fair few times as of late. In the surf in Biarritz, at underground concerts around Hossegor, the Duct […]

The call of Yamuna

The call of Yamuna is a story about a young man who returns to Delhi in search of his origins. · Directed by: Azulroto (Adonis […]