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Admissions of an Amateur Bikepacker

Ben, from Johnson Studios, had the “brilliant” idea of bikepacking and self-filming a solo adventure in the Andes of Peru. He had zero bikepacking experience. […]

Field of Vision – Scenes from a Dry City

What happens when a major metropolitan area runs out of water? In Cape Town, South Africa, residents fear the arrival of “Day Zero,” when the […]


SPECTRA is a short story about life, its different facets and tones. Director: Thorben Winkler Director of Photography: Thomas Wienholt Actress: Clara Immel 1st AD: […]


Sleepwalker A short film about the air pollution crisis in New Delhi, India. Starring: Ashok Kumar Chhabra Directors: Matias Rygh, Mathias Nordli Eriksen Director of […]

Icaria – NOWNESS

For this editorial partnership between NOWNESS and the Manchester International Festival, Emmy-nominated director Fx Goby breathes new life into the time-honored Greek myth of Icarus, […]

Photographers In Focus: Catherine Opie – NOWNESS

From freeways to nipple rings, dinner scenes to dildos, iconoclastic American photographer Catherine Opie describes her thirty-year oeuvre as “twisted social documentary photography” that is […]

Shadow of a Hurricane – NOWNESS

“This film celebrates a place I’ve come to know well over the years,” says Sandra Winther, the Danish filmmaker kicking off Survival Season—our program of […]


“I should have stayed in Sudan and died there with a clear conscience instead of living in this world of punishment…” These words are taken […]

Color Theory: Yellow – NOWNESS

YELLOW, part of the trilogy directed by New York duo rubberband. aka Simon Davis and Jason Sondock, we find ourselves sitting in the backseat of […]

Men Of Maize – NOWNESS

Under the tutelage of a Guatemalan shaman, New York-based director Anthony Prince explores the steadfast preservation of Maya culture in the face of centuries of […]

Photographers in Focus: Susan Meiselas – NOWNESS

For over four decades, American photographer Susan Meiselas has captured people caught in the seismic upheavals of history—whether documenting Nicaraguans fighting for their lives, or […]

Drew McDowall: Rhizome – NOWNESS

Scottish electronic musician Drew McDowall presents this, the latest music video from his new solo album of unnerving electronics, The Third Helix. Shot by Sigrid […]